2 Willow Road
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Cell:  071 640 7589
country pre-school

airlie country preschool

Where children establish their roots and find their wings

Welcome to Airlie

School Principal

Airlie Country Pre-School has been managed by Mandy Welbourne since December 2010 and has a BA degree in Applied Psychology in professional context. Mandy established a long term relationship with the school and its staff as both her children attended Airlie prior to her acquisition and management of the school. School tours are available by appointment only.


It is here at Airlie Country Pre-School that the foundations are laid to ensure a successful transition into formal schooling. This is achieved by opening up the wonderful world of learning to your child. It is during this phase of your child's life where they will acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that allow them to become confident and independent thinkers.

History and Ethos

Airlie Country Pre-School was established in 1977. The school is able to provide your child with a nurturing learner/educator relationship, where they can experience individual attention and become active participants in the spirit and ethos of the school. The classes are small which enables a close personal relationship with daily communication between teachers and parents.

"Where children establish their roots and find their wings"