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Airlie Country Pre-School


We have beautiful classrooms that are equipped with the resources that incorporate all the various learning areas. There are two full time educators per class, one being a teacher and one being an assistant. The classroom are stocked with everything that the children may need or want to facilitate their learning experience and develop imaginative play.


The classes are split up into four classes to accommodate the needs of the children at specific ages. Small classes – excellent teacher to child ratio.

Butterflies   (1.8yrs - 2.0yrs)

Ladybirds    (2yrs - 2,7yrs)

Butterflies   (2,8yrs - 3,4yrs)

Busy Bees   (3,4yrs - 5yrs)



The daily routine differs slightly with regards to the different ages/classes. Children may arrive between 07h30 – 09h00 during this time they have inside free time and then outside free time. Morning ring begins at 09h00, (the school day begins!) There is a different theme for each week, and this is incorporated into the morning ring as well as letter land, numeracy etc. After the toilet routine, aprons are donned for the art ring. During this phase of the day the children are exposed to skill sets to develop various areas for learning, a time slot filled with colour, glue, cutting, box construction, papier mâché and many other exciting activities. This time slot is followed by activity ring (music, movement for physical development, as well as drama and percussions rings.)  After all this activity the children enjoy their snack time and then tumbles happily out of the class into the beautiful garden and bike track where they may choose to play in the sandpit, swing form the jungle gym or race around the track. Some prefer to visit the mountain tortoises and animal pen.  This is a favorite part of their day. When they come back in after washing hands, they have some quiet inside playtime and settle down for a story.  Lunches are then served, toilet routine and then nap time for the three younger classes.    All naptime paraphernalia is allowed and nappy training at your child own pace. All children are woken up gently, dressed and bags ready for collection at 14h30. 




Our large and secure garden and beautiful surroundings offer the opportunity for your child to explore and investigate the joys of outdoor play and the wonders of nature. The garden does not only offer all the outdoor child-initiated areas of learning but provides the environment of learning important skills and values through taking care of the school's animals.

We have a newly built 100-meter bike track and beautiful wooden stage.


While being introduced to the basic fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic your child will also experience and enjoy musical appreciation, speech and drama, baking and much more. We offer extra murals at the school which form part of the day. The extra mural coaches come during outside playtime.

We also do lots of special extras during term time. These being an outing, kiddies' workshops, visitor, parent functions, family events, dress up days, just to mention a few. All outings that are done through the school are on a one-on-one basis, that means that all parents need to attend the outings. A yearly planner is sent out before the beginning of the year to ensure that dates are put into diaries before the year starts.

Here at Airlie, we will provide your child with a stimulating and nurturing environment. We strive to acknowledge your child as a unique and worthwhile individual. To achieve this, we provide an age-appropriate curriculum targeting every aspect of the whole child, namely; physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, language and aesthetic development within the frames of a mixture of teaching methods. All teachers have vast experience, and endeavor to continually update their qualifications.


The Airlie catering is an outsourced service. The service is provided by Shantal Lourens. She has been cooking for Airlie for over ten years. The meals are approved by a dietician and are all prepared in the school kitchen. The meals are nutritious, delicious and very economical. The menu is run on a bi weekly schedule and differed slightly in the changing seasons. The menu includes snack, lunch, dessert, fruit, juice and water.  It is hassle free and very popular.


We offer one extra mural which is run during school hours.

In the first week of the 1st term, you can watch your child participate in the extra mural.

In the 1st week your child will be monitored by the teachers and feedback will be given on how they settle in the extra mural. If your child is not enjoying it and you do not wish for them to participate in the extra mural, the teacher will supervise your child in that allotted time. These extra murals exposed you child to various areas of interest and develop these aspects. They are optional. 


All extra murals are done during school hours.  These are an optional extra.  Airlie Country Pre-School offers the following extra mural form 2024: Wriggle and Rhyme

This happens during our school day one morning a week. And it is an optional extra. 

The Butterflies, Ladybirds, Fireflies and Busy Bees can take part in the following extra mural:


Extra mural prices

R725 per child per term (for 8 classes).



Registration happens online to make life easier for parents with no forms needing to be handled by the school team. An info flyer, promo video and registration link will be sent to the parents DIGITALLY in January.


Wriggle and Rhyme (Pty) Ltd.  -

FB - @wrigglerhyme , Insta - #wrigglerhyme

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