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Where children establish their roots and find their wings


At Airlie Country Pre-School we see early childhood development as an integral period where we can teach your child love, respect and understanding. The pre-school years open the window for” The Whole Child” to be developed during their crucial years. It is here at Airlie Country Pre-School that the foundations are laid to ensure a successful transition into formal schooling. This is achieved by opening up the wonderful world of learning to your child. It is during this phase of your child's life where they will acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that allow them to become confident and independent thinkers. This in the long run will enable your child to be in a position to utilize their skills and have an active role in their future education communities and society in general.

Here at Airlie Country Pre-School we will provide your child with a stimulating and nurturing environment. We strive to acknowledge your child as a unique and worthwhile individual. To achieve this we provide an age-appropriate curriculum targeting every aspect of the whole child, namely; physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, language and aesthetic development within the frames of a mixture of teaching methods. Our teachers have vast experience, and endeavour to continually update their qualifications. We use an eclectic approach to teaching to enable us to achieve our goals and aims.



All extra murals are done during school hours. These are an optional extra. Airlie Country Pre-School offers the following extra mural form 2021:
Wriggle and Rhyme.

This happens during our school day one morning a week and it is an optional extra.

The Butterflies, Ladybirds, Fireflies and Busy Bees can take part in the following extra mural:

Extra mural prices

R590 per child per term (for 8 classes).


Registration happens online to make life easier for parents with no forms needing to be handled by the school team.

An info flyer, promo video and registration link will be sent to the parents DIGITALLY in January.

Kirsty Savides - PROGRAMME DIRECTOR Wriggle and Rhyme (Pty) Ltd. - www.wriggleandrhyme.co.za

FB - @wrigglerhyme , Insta - #wrigglerhyme